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Why Us?

With over 75 years of combined experience and a intimate knowledge of the Central Oregon way of life, Tomahawk Electric can and will finish your job right the first time! A family owned and operated business capable of handling any job, big or small. From changing a lightbulb to a custom commercial job, we are here for you!


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You can work as a number or you can work as family. Tomahawk is owned and operated by a family and we would have to be crazy not to recognize you as family first and employee second. We can get you on the big jobs without treating you like a faceless employee! Follow the link to our application process and let's start to get to know each other and if we're a good fit!

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As you can see below, we bring professionalism and fun to our clients!

Our Family

A big thank you to all the other family members that make Tomahawk Electric a safe and professional place to work! 

Dave Finnell

President of Tomahawk Electric, Owner of Quality Builders Electric & Bend Lighting and Best Damn Electrician in town

I am a 20+ year veteran in the electrical business. Proud father and husband and business owner! 

Tara Finnell

Owner of Tomahawk Electric, President of Quality Builders Electric, & Bend Lighting.

The Mom of our 4 kids. Lighting designer for Bend Lighting, and proud President of 2 companies. 

Art Finnell

Operation's Manager of Tomahawk Electric, Quality Builders Electric, & Bend Lighting.

I'm a proud Veteran, serving 7 years in the Navy. Proud husband and father of 3. College graduate from Oregon State University. Now enrolled in the High Desert Apprenticeship program. 

Drew Morin

Office manager of Tomahawk Electric & Quality Builders Electric.

Proud mom of 2 kids. College graduate with an associates degree in business management/accounting. 7 years experience in the electrical industry. 

Brianna Galkin

Lighting Specialist for Bend Lighting

Proud mom of 2 kids. Lighting Specialist for 4 years. Specializing in custom homes, track homes and custom designs for local businesses. 

Ken Banning

Project Manager/Estimator for Tomahawk Electric & Quality Builders Electric